Training Programs
CPR is an emergency first-aid procedure that is used to maintain respiration and blood circulation in a person who is not breathing and whose heart has stopped. You should only perform CPR if you have been properly trained to do so.
CPR 4 Safety presents informative and entertaining accelerated classes at the location of your choice. Our curriculum meets the highest standards set by industry leading safety and rescue professionals. Our instructors utilize the latest technology, equipment and safety training materials. We also provide certification cards upon successful completion of your training class.
Make your work-site, office, church, school, or medical/dental clinic safer for employees and patrons by providing CPR training for your staff. Getting started is as easy as making a phone call.
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CPR & AED for the Community and Workplace
(Intended for: Community and Workplace Lay Rescuers)

Our CPR classes will provide participants with the training needed to administer CPR to an adult or child. This training meets *American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) requirements, and will provide participants the essentials of lifesaving CPR, enabling them to take quick action in an emergency situation. With emphasis on child and infant CPR we include the fundamental knowledge necessary for teachers, child care providers, and other workers that deal with children on a daily basis. Add AED training which significantly improves the ability to operate an AED and its use increase the victim’s chances of survival.

Instruction Time (Average)
CPR ONLY: Adult 2.5 hrs; Pediatric 3 hrs; combined 4 hrs
CPR & AED: Adult 3 hrs; Pediatric 3.5 hrs; combined 5 hrs
Renewal Time 3 hours
Course Completion Card - Valid for up to 2 years

CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuers
(Intended for: Emergency personnel in intensive care or critical care departments and emergency medical providers)

Our Health Care Professional CPR Training Program is designed to teach procedures used by Emergency Medical Personnel, such as suctioning, stoma, Sellick Maneuver, two-person CPR and more. This program meets JCAHO’s requirement for **PC.9.30 and *ASHI requirements for Health Care Professional CPR Training.

Instruction Time (Average)
CPR ONLY: Adult and Pediatric 6 - 8 hours
CPR & AED: Adult and Pediatric 8 hours
Renewal Time 4 hours
Course Completion Card - Valid for up to 2 years

First Aid
(Intended for: Community and Workplace Lay Rescuers)

Our First Aid Course teaches participants bandaging, splinting, how to control bleeding, medical emergency and trauma procedures, how to treat shock, burns, choking, and other basic emergency First Aid procedures. Our course meets *ASHI and ***OSHA requirements.

Adult 4 hours, Adult and Pediatric 4 - 6 hours
Renewal Time 2 - 4 hours
Course Completion Card - Valid for up to 3 years
(2 years for child care training in California)

Essentials in Basic Emergency Care
(Intended for: Community and Workplace Lay Rescuers)

This course is designed to equip laypersons with the minimum knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency care for injury or sudden illness during the brief interval between incident and EMS arrival. What will be learned can increase survival and lessen or stop permanent damage due to injury or illness.

Instruction Time (Average)
Course 7 hours
Certification Period – up to 2 year

Instructor Development for CPR/First Aid Training
(Intended for: Individuals with a desire to make a difference and have current knowledge of CPR and First Aid)

Learn to train… We provide this “Instructor development” course for those wanting to become a CPR/First Aid instructor. Our instruction includes principles of adult learning, classroom management, skill evaluation, and all necessary requirements to train effectively and successfully. After participating in this course, you will be authorized to train others in CPR/First Aid and other *ASHI courses. Please contact us for more information.

Instruction Time (Average)
Course 8 hours
Course Completion Card - Valid for up to 2 years

Bloodborne Pathogens

Our Bloodborne Pathogen Training Course is recognized by ***OSHA, and adheres to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Regulations which requires all employees who have an occupational exposure to blood or other infectious material, to have initial training upon hire, and annual training thereafter. We can provide this training to healthcare and other industrial occupations. Included in this training are explanations of HIV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and other viruses carried by blood, body fluids and other infected materials.

Instruction Time (Average)
Course time varies, OSHA requires minimum content as opposed to time.
Certification Period - 1 year

Emergency Oxygen Training

Our Emergency Oxygen Training is designed to prepare you and your employees to administer oxygen to victims of life-threatening injuries. Anyone who is properly trained can administer emergency oxygen, which has been classified by the FDA as an over-the-counter non-prescription drug that can be stored at workplaces and public areas for emergency use.

Instruction Time (Average)
Course 2 - 3 hours
Renewal Time 1 hours
Certification Period – up to 3 years

Other training programs offered by CPR 4 Safety:
• Disaster Preparedness
• Hazard Communication
• Wilderness Emergency Care
• Child and Babysitting Safety



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