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Samaritan Wall Cabinet
Samaritan® Wall Cabinet
Item # SAM-CAB-01
The Samaritan® Wall Cabinet is a custom designed case built to store your samaritan® PAD. Robust cabinet construction protects and positions your samaritan PAD in highly visible locations. Easy to install, with wipe clean surfaces, and front-viewing window the Samaritan® Rescue Station provides an excellent platform for placement of AEDs in your facility.
Price: $199.00

Samaritan Hard Case
Samaritan® Hard Case
Item # SSS 002
The Samaritan® Hard Case is watertight, dust proof, crushproof, and built tough! Equipped with foam for
total equipment protection this case offers extreme performance and security for your Samaritan® AED. With an atmospheric pressure purge valve.
Price: $269.00

Samaritan AED Wall Sign
Samaritan® AED Wall Sign
Item#: SSS 021
Designed for placement next to your Samaritan® AED, this high visibility wall sign gives an elevated profile and easy identification of device locations. Ideal for all locations, it provides a cost-effective indicator that your facility is equipped with AEDs. 1" side flanged edges have pre-drilled mounting holes - includes screws and self-adhesive foam tape. 3D signs, projecting 45° from the wall, provides optimum viewing from the front and sides. 6" x 5" Panel
Price: $15.00

Showing 71-73 of 73 Items on 8 Page/s
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