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NEW-Samaritan PAD
NEW - Samaritan® PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) - (Compact, Basic Responder AED) - New AHA Guidlines
Item#: SAM300

When an emergency occurs you need to act quickly to help save a life – The equipment you carry has to be light, durable, reliable, and have the power to save a life no matter whose, what or when. The samaritan® AED gives the first responder (EMS, Fire, Police and lay users) the tools to do just that. The samaritan® defibrillators are built on over 30 years of clinical research and bioengineering development by the pioneers of portable defibrillation.

Lightweight - Only 2.2 lbs
*7 Year Warranty
*Comes with 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese & Italian

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  • 1 PAD-PAK™ (1pair of electrode pads & batteries)
  • 1 Soft Carry Case
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Quick Reference Instruction Card
  • FREE!! AED CPR Responder Kit
  • FREE!! AED Decal Sticker
  • FREE!! AED Inspection Tag
  • FREE!! Ground Shipping (Call in orders only)
Price: $1,295.00
(call for coupon discount of $125.00)

Item#: PAD-SYS-US-05
Sam 300 w/ 2 Adult Pad Paks
Price: $1,525.00

Item#: PAD-PED-US-05
Sam 300 w/ 1 Adult/1 Pediatric Pad Pak
Price: $1,555.00

The Samaritan AED
The Samaritan® AED (with Text only display)
Item#:SAM 003

Basic trained rescuers will find the samaritan® AED easy to operate. Advanced Rescuers (such as medical and rescue professionals) will appreciate the large ECG display, rechargeable battery, manual override, and the ECG monitoring availability on select models.

  • Lightweight - Only 4.2 lbs
  • Long-lasting Battery: 12 -16 hrs monitoring or 120 shocks (at full energy).
  • Built-in memory - inside the battery: assures data is captured every time.
  • LARGE display: allows the rescuer to see patient ECG, heart rate, number of shocks delivered, text prompts (coinciding with voice prompts) elapsed timer and battery fuel gage.
  • Easy-to-use: clear, concise, comprehensive, high-fidelity voice prompts guide the user.
  • Optional override capability: allows advanced rescuers the ability to select 100j - 150j - 200j - 230j of defibrillation therapy.
  • 5 Year Warranty
Price: $1,490.00
Currently Not Available
The Samaritan AED with ECG/text

The Samaritan® AED (with ECG/Text)
Item # SAM 002

-Additional Items:
Item#: SBP 001 Battery
Item#: SDE 201 Adult Pads

Price: $1,590.00
Currently Not Available
The Samaritan AED with ECG/Text & manual override options
The Samaritan® AED (with ECG/Text & manual override options)
Item#: SAM 001
Price: $1,690.00
Currently Not Available
Samaritan AED Trainer

Samaritan® AED Trainer
Item#: TRN-SYS-US-05

The HeartSine samaritan® AED Trainer provides the perfect solution for all your training needs. Complete with rechargeable battery, seven language options, and instructional display, the samaritan® AED Trainer makes your job as an instructor much easier and more cost effective. No more batteries to replace! Teaching a class in a foreign language? No problem! Want to show your students what will show up on the AED screen during actual use? Our instructional display label simulates proper pads placement graphic, battery-life indicator, number of shocks delivered, and time elapsed.

Training Scenarios
Trainer provides 8 pre-recorded rescue training scenarios, without delivering an actual shock. 4 scenarios follow AHA/ERC 2005 Guidelines, and 4 scenarios follow AHA/ERC 2000 guidelines. The device mirrors the actual samaritan PAD so users can familiarize themselves with controls, pads access, installation of a mock Pad-Pak™ (or Trainer-Pak™) -all with authentic prompts and displays. Includes a PAUSE function so the educator can pause the automated scenario and offer additional training without interruption. Each system includes a rechargeable battery, charger, user manual, and sample Training pads.

***Comes with 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese & Italian - No Software CD needed. Push 2 buttons to change language settings.

Training Package
Your samaritan® AED Trainer comes complete with everything you need. The package includes one samaritan® AED Trainer a battery charger, one set of training pads, a durable high-quality carrying case with shoulder strap, a quick reference scenario card, a quick reference instruction card, and a user manual.

New Reduced Price!!!
Only $275.00

Samaritan Pad-Pak Adult
Samaritan® Pad-Pak™ Adult (Battery and Defibrillation Pads)
Item#: PAD-PAK-01
Samaritan PAD Pak - Adult (includes one set of defibrillation pads and battery device). Combination cartridge containing set of single-use pad electrodes & integrated disposable battery. Incorporates one expiration date for worry free maintenance. Provides over 6 hours of continuous monitoring or 30 shocks. 3 Year Shelf life/Stand-by life.

Price: $109.00 (Battery & Pads)

Samaritan Pad-Pak Child
Samaritan® Pad-Pak™ Child (Battery and Defibrillation Pads)
Item#: PAD-PAK-02
Samaritan® PAD Pak™- Pediatric
(includes one set of defibrillation pads and device battery).
Incorporates one expiration date for worry- free maintenance. Provides over 6 hours of continuous monitoring or 30 shocks. 3-Year Shelf life / Stand-by life.

Price: $149.00

Saver Data Management Software
Saver® Data Management Software
Item#: SDU 002
Saver® is a data management software for reviewing, analyzing and printing real time ECG waveforms, event/incident data and 60 minutes of audio playback retrieved from the Samaritan® AEDs. The software has comprehensive event documentation to facilitate physician oversight, Utstein style reporting, and report export capabilities. The Saver® has a simple point and click operation, which also enables user configuration setup, time synchronization, and review of battery capacity and use.

Price: $395.00

Samaritan PAD Carrying Case
Samaritan® PAD Carrying Case
Item#: SSS 001
The Samaritan® AED can be carried in our custom designed case. Each case has integral storage space to carry: 1-PAD, 1-prep kit, 1-spare Data-Pak™, and a quick instruction card.

Price: $125.00

Samaritan Rescue Station (image not available)

Samaritan® Rescue Station
Item #SPS 303

The Samaritan® PAD Rescue Station is a custom designed case built to store your samaritan® PAD. Robust cabinet construction protects and positions your samaritan PAD in highly visible locations. Each rescue station is equipped with an alarm system that activates when the door is opened. This protects the unit from theft and alerts that an incident is occurring. Easy to install, with wipe clean surfaces, and front-viewing window the Samaritan® Rescue Station provides an excellent platform for placement of AEDs in your facility.

Price: $289.00

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