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Defibtech AED Trainer Soft Carrying Case
Defibtech AED Trainer Soft Carrying Case

This case is designed to hold a Trainer AED, extra sets of pads, an extra battery and other accessories. The case is made of ballistic nylon and has a durable carrying handle. The distinctive red color matches the color of the Trainer AED and together with the embroidered "Trainer" label clearly indicates that the unit inside is a training device that cannot be used to defibrillate a real patient.

Price: $99.00

Defibtech AED Introduction Video

DDU-100 Series Defibtech AED Introduction Video
Item#: DAC-520

This 10-minute video provides an introduction to the operation of the Lifeline AED and its features. In addition, it covers the procedures for routine maintenance and upkeep of the device and its accessories.

Price: $14.00

Defibtech AED wall mount Case

Defibtech AED Wall Mount Case
Item#: DAC-210

This cabinet allows a Lifeline AED to be mounted on a wall to increase visibility and to protect the AED from theft or damage.

Price: $299.00

Defibtech AED Wall Mount Case (Alarmed)

Defibtech AED Wall Mount Case (Alarmed)
Item#: DAC-220

This cabinet allows a Lifeline AED to be mounted on a wall to increase visibility and to protect the AED from theft or damage. A loud alarm will sound whenever the cabinet is opened.

Price: $349.00

LIFEPAK CR Plus Defibrillator
LIFEPAK CR® Plus Defibrillator - New AHA Guidlines
Item#: 80403-000148

If you ever encounter someone in sudden cardiac arrest, you’ll want to help. CPR is not enough—defibrillation is the only treatment for sudden cardiac arrest.

Medtronic, the world leader in medical technology, created the LIFEPAK CR Plus defibrillator specifically for the first person at the scene of a sudden cardiac arrest. Designed for the minimally trained and infrequent rescuer, it’s easy to understand and use in a cardiac emergency, when every second counts. It’s just plain simple.

The CR Plus offers the quality and performance preferred by the vast majority of emergency medical teams around the world. Sleek and lightweight, the CR Plus uses the latest ADAPTIV™ biphasic technology and upholds the standards of excellence found in all LIFEPAK products.

The CR Plus is available in a semiautomatic and fully automatic model. With the semiautomatic CR Plus you assess the person in sudden cardiac arrest, then open the device and apply the electrodes. The device analyzes the heart’s rhythm and tells you to push a button if the heart needs a shock. The fully automatic CR Plus requires just the first two steps, and the device does the rest.

LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED Includes:

  • 1 set of Pads and Batteries
  • Owner's Manual
  • Quick Reference Card
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • FREE!! Carry Case
  • FREE!! AED CPR Responder Kit
  • FREE!! AED Decal Sticker
  • FREE!! AED Inspection Tag
  • FREE!! Ground Shipping (Call in orders only)
Price: $1,795.00

replacement kit for CHARGE-PAK
Replacement kit for CHARGE-PAK™ Battery Charging unit and QUIK-PAK pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes for LIFEPAK CR® PLUS
Item#: 11403-000001


  • One (1) CHARGE-PAK™ Battery Charging unit, a long-life low-maintenance battery charge unit designed for low or infrequent use environments. A new battery charging unit may last up to 2 years when installed in the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED under optimal conditions.
  • Set of two (2) QUIK-PAK pacing/defibrillation/ECG replacement electrode pads. QUIK-PAK electrodes enable rapid access, incorporating an easy pull handle with written and graphic prompts. The electrodes are compatible with all devices and connectors that can use QUIK-COMBO™ electrodes.

Price: $119.00

LIFEPAK CR Plus AED Training System
LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED Training System
Item#: CR31T
Provides realistic training without energy discharge. Compatible with any CPR manikin system.
Includes one AED Trainer, remote control and cable, simulated battery charger, set of reusable training electrodes capable of approximately 30 applications, carrying case (soft-sided, grey), AED Instruction Card, Operating Instructions, and batteries for remote control and AED Trainer.
Follows all eight American Heart Association Heartsaver AED training scenarios and all four American Red Cross training scenarios. Create a number of custom scenarios for your students with the multi-function remote control.
The trainer operates on four standard D-size batteries for approximately 100 continuous hours. Simulates automatic or semi-automatic model.
Price: $395.00

Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrodes
Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrodes
Item#: 11101-000016
Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrodes Compatibility – use only with LIFEPAK 500 AEDs with a pink connector or any LIFEPAK CR® Plus defibrillator. Intended for use on children less than 8 years of age or 25kg (55lbs). Infant/Child Electrodes are smaller than adult defibrillation electrodes. The electrode reduces the energy dose delivered to the patient by a factor of four. If the AED is set up to deliver a dosage of 200, 300, 360J using adult defibrillation pads, the dose will be approximately 50, 75, 86J with the Infant/Child Electrodes.

Please be aware Infant/Child Electrodes are not compatible with the QUIK-COMBO™ defibrillation cable

To extend a community heartsafe program to children eight and under, order the Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrode Starter Kit. The Starter Kit contains one pair of electrodes, a storage pouch and appropriate safety instructions and labels. While few patients will ever be candidates for this therapy, Infant/Child Electrodes offer the opportunity to save many years of someone's life.

Price: $149.00

Device Cover for LIFEPAK CR Plus AED

Device Cover for LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED
Item#: 21300-004576

Durable, soft-shell, grey carry case for LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED.

Price: $79.00

Wall Bracket for LIFEPAK CR Plus AED
Wall Bracket for LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED
Item#: 11210-000021
Price: $89.00

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